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My Sessions

Thank you for considering including me on your journey investing your time towards awareness and wellness with me. I do not take your investment lightly and I am excited to share the tools that I have learned and used to transform my life and thousands of others. Before you book your session, please read and learn a bit more about Intuitive Craniosacral Therapy work. If you like what you read, or even if you are skeptical about what you read, I promise that if you allow yourself to be open minded, what you experience in a session with me can truly change your perception of how you see life.

***I only open up 90 days at a time. If it appears nothing is available to book, send an email to to be put on the cancellation list. If you need to cancel your appointment, email, there will be a processing fee charged, at our discretion.

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Book Andrea to Speak

Want to amplify your next event with a professional speaker? I have spoken at events across the world, and would love to help educate and motivate in any area I can. I have spoken at universities, business seminars, women's retreats in Italy, LDS Wholistic Conferences, Christ-Centered healing conferences, and non-denominational spiritual events.

Below are topics that I specialize in teaching.  If you don’t see the topic you’d like presented, add it to the "comments" section in the form below and let me know what you’re looking for.

Past Speaking Session Topics:

  • The Power of Energy & How it Affects Clients

  • Christ-centered Energy Healing

  • Energizing & Balancing the Body, Mind, & Spirit

  • Improving & Unblocking Limiting Core Beliefs to Get Unstuck & Move Forward

  • Mind, Body, & Spirit

  • Chakras

  • Meditation

  • Forgiveness

  • Unification & Positive Mental Attitude

  • Power of Your Thoughts


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