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Meditation and yoga retreats

Meditation is something that can enrich and enlighten your life. There's a plan for your life and you were created with all the talent, confidence, and skills you need to make it happen. Greater meaning, fulfillment, deeper love or vibrant health - it's all accessible through the power of meditation.  

What sets my meditation practice apart from others?

Chopra meditation is different from any other meditation because you receive a personalized primordial sound mantra to enhance your meditation practice. 

Primordial sound mantras are used silently as vehicles to take your awareness internally while having a soothing effect on your central nervous system. Everything in creation is made up of sound or vibration. The universe has its own sound or vibration. These sounds were realized by the ancient sages and enlightened men thousands of years ago. They. noticed that the sounds are different at different times during the lunar cycle. The moon was used as a reference by which these sounds were recorded. The sages recorded the changes in vibration of the universe in relation to the position of the moon. By knowing the time, date and location of your birth we can use vedic mathematics to calculate the position of the moon at the same exact moment. Knowing this gives us the reference we need to know the primordial sound at the time of your birth.

Child's Pose

What you can expect at a retreat?


Find balance with daily meditations and daily yoga experiences. The knowledge and benefit of connecting mind, body, and spirit together.


Connect with like-minded people with knowledge of meditation topics that will enhance your relationships forever.

Enjoying Nature
Wellness Coach


Restore by grounding your body and bring focus to your mind and peace to your spirit with meditation and yoga. 

With the beautiful red rock of southern Utah as our backdrop, you'll be able to connect to the life you are meant to lead. Please check back often for the announcement of our May and October retreats.

"Meditation takes you beyond the mind's noisy chatter into the pure awareness that is the source of all your happiness, inspiration, and love" 
-Deepak Chopra
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