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Recommended listening:  At the start of your day


Prior to listening to this meditation, it is suggested that you listen to the full-length, thirty minute “Beginners’ Meditation” at least five times.  This will ensure that you are able to receive the full benefits of this twelve minute accelerated meditation.  It is always okay to listen to the longer version, as it is a great companion recording to listen to before bedtime.


This accelerated version is the recommended, calming, focused start to your day each morning, but it can be enjoyed anytime.  In addition to the twelve minute meditation, this audio recording includes bonus selections.  The song, “Breathe,” promotes a calming breath in preparation for meditation, while “Positive Affirmations” and the “Good Morning God Prayer” echo each other to help provide positive perspective and set intentions at the start of your day.

Accelerated Guided Meditation

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